Guitar Hero craze has guitar sales booming

5:39 PM, May 9, 2008   |    comments
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MAYFIELD -- Guitar Hero is the interactive video game that challenges the player to pick up a guitar--well actually a controller--and literally become a rock star. Pick up the guitar controller, select your song and let the jamming begin.Photos Guitar Center in Mayfield says the popularity of the game has created a huge boom in guitar sales. "It's a real positive. People who didn’t think they could do it (guitar) are wanting to play," said Guitar Center Manager, Garret Mariast. Gamers like Heinz Yee play both a real guitar and the X-Box version of the game. Yee says, "I think any game that makes you get up and makes people move in general is good." But not everyone is jumping on the "Guitar Hero" bandwagon. Local musician Rick Ray says, "I see gaming as a disease." He encourages kids to pick up a real guitar and learn to play. Which ever you prefer, keep on rockin'.


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