Reaction swift after Marc Dann sex scandal breaks

1:47 PM, May 3, 2008   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- President Bill Clinton's sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky made headlines for years. More recently New York Governor Elliot Spitzer lost his job after admitting that he paid for prostitutes through an online call girl ring. Then, a few weeks later, Spitzer's replacement, David Paterson, took the podium at a press conference to admit that he had an affair and so did his wife. Said Paterson, "but actually we have a marriage like many Americans, maybe even many of you." Today in Columbus, the sex scandal saga continued. Attorney General Marc Dann walked up to the assembled reporters and admitted "at a difficult time in my marriage I got involved in a romantic relationship with a member of my staff. That conduct was intrinsically wrong." The "other woman" in this case has been identified as Dann's scheduler, 28-year-old Jessica Utovich from Avon Lake. It didn't take long after the Ohio Attorney General left the press conference for reaction to pour in. Ohio GOP Chairman, Bob Bennett told Channel 3 News that "Marc Dann is an embarrassment to the voters of Ohio. He's an embarrassment to the party. He's an embarrassment to the people who had faith in him, as Attorney General Mark Dann has lost that trust. He has to resign." In downtown Cleveland, voters had a variety of opinions about the scandal. Phil Mann said, "I don't think he should quit. I just think politicians are being more open about sex affairs." Standing nearby, Cal Bradford disagreed with his friend. "Before he get's fired or whatever," said Bradford, "I think Dann should resign." Joyce Allen said that the steady stream of political sexcapades was unacceptable. "Just a litany and it's constant," Allen said. "I expect more from an elected official. And I expect a little bit more character than what we're getting." On WKYC.COM, viewer reaction was strong. One wrote, "'Dann must resign. He was my award winner for brainless of the week last week." Another added, "When you are in the public eye, you have no private life. That's politics 101 that these clowns failed in class." Before he left the press conference, Dann said, "To Alyssa and my children, to the employees of the office of Attorney General, I apologize from the bottom of my heart." However, when asked by reporters if he was going to resign, Dann said, "No." Dann's boss, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland said, "There seems to be a 'double standard' in Attorney General Marc Dann's office, because Dann is going unpunished, while three top aides in the sex scandal have been terminated."


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