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Are you a metrosexual?

1:08 AM, Jul 26, 2003   |    comments
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It's a term coined by advertising agencies to describe straight men who are in touch with their feminine side. Neal Spike has a tough name and a tough job. "I have no problem getting dirty," Spike says. "You know, get under a hood or to go paint something or whatever, but I like to clean up when I'm done." This lawyer says getting pampered with a facial is a stress free weekly break. "It's not so much a male or a female thing," Spike says. "I think people like to look good and they like to feel good." Dorian Rosemark is a married. "I'm in the sales field, so if I can have any type of edge or make any kind of good first impression it makes me happy," Rosemark says. He usually gets his fingernails done, with the occasional facial These men are metrosexuals, who spend billions on high-end male skin products and designer clothes, and some may even have more shoes than their women. For advertisers they are an untapped gold mine.


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