WKYC Exclusive: Hillary leads by 9%

7:47 PM, Feb 19, 2008   |    comments
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Clinton leads by 35 points among seniors, by 30 points in greater Columbus, by 28 points among women, by 21 points among whites, by 21 points among voters focused on the Economy, and by 17 points among registered Democrats. Obama leads by by 48 points among blacks, by 20 points among the youngest voters, and by 16 points among men. The two are tied in Greater Cleveland, tied among Moderates, and tied among voters focused on Health Care. Among voters younger than Obama, Obama leads by 5. Among voters older than John McCain, Clinton leads by 45. Among voters in between, Clinton leads by 15. However, Obama has gained significant ground on Clinton in two categories. One week ago, Clinton and Obama were tied among men. Today, Obama is up 16 points. One week ago, Clinton led by 9 among voters under age 50. Today, Obama is up by 2 points. 2,000 state of Ohio adults were interviewed on February 17 and 18. Of them, 1,789 were registered to vote. Of those, 733 were determined by SurveyUSA to have already voted in the March 4 Ohio Democratic Primary, or to be likely to vote at the precinct on Election Day. Click for link to related story on Survey USA results for GOP race in Ohio For detailed figures, trends, and a complete demographic breakdown of the exclusive poll, click on the link below.


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