Lake Erie: Beyond the Surface Part 3

12:25 PM, Feb 5, 2008   |    comments
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Nine American ships sailed across Lake Erie to victory ... repelling a fleet of foreign invaders. Two hundred years later, that invasion is below the water's surface. Once again victory is measured by survival, this time, ecological survival. Employing technology that far surpasses the wooden vessels that captured the British; scientists, teachers, engineers and others fight a daily battle to protect the health of our lake. We’ve gone from trading posts to expansive farms, narrow canals to international shipping lanes, from nets bursting with fish to shorelines teeming with factories. Centuries of progress has also brought centuries of pollution. In the late sixties another revolution shook the nation. But forty years later, there are still more questions than answers. Join us for the environmental story of Lake Erie. How it began. How it’s progressing. And why it matters. It’s part 3 of our high definition, year-long special event… Lake Erie: Beyond the Surface.


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