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Lots of new traffic do's and don'ts in Euclid Corridor rollout

9:34 AM, Nov 21, 2007   |    comments
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Regular buses, not the fancy cars that will be used later, will begin picking up passengers from center of the street stations between East 17th and East 55th Street. Bus drivers are getting special training. They've got to break old habits. Busses will no longer pick up passengers at curbside. They will follow bus-only lanes on the far left-hand side. Drivers must observe unique European-style traffic signals...all white lights with different shapes denoting stop, go and caution. There are new talking and timed pedestrian caution ligthts. Jaywalkers will be ticketed. Drivers must make left hand turns from a middle lane and be aware of busses both following and approaching them. RTA is distributing safety tip brochures. The simple advice to drivers, riders and pedestrians-be alert and obey the law. Other sections of the project will open before the deluxe opening next October. Click "Play Video" to watch Tom Beres' report.


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