Green is 'in' at school

6:38 PM, Nov 22, 2007   |    comments
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At Ruffing Montessori School green is a lot more than a color. The school has a no waste lunch policy, so the children eat on real plates with silverware and bring reusable food containers and lunchboxes. They also compost any leftovers. They rely on natural lighting as much as possible along with sun tubes, lenses that bring in the light from outside. This is all part of their new $5 million green building project which includes geothermal energy, which is the transfer of heat or cooling from the ground. It's the perfect science lesson for a green curriculum, too. In classrooms, instead of metal ductwork, they are made out of fabric. The fabric ducts are lighter to transport, using less gas or energy. There are solar panels on the roof and rain barrels for watering plants. Bathroom lights are motion activated to save on electricity. Even the urinals are waterless, saving 40-thousand gallons of water per urinal per year "By putting together this project and a building that is living gave children a chance to connect with their world in a real way," says Gordon Mass, Head of School. To see more of this green school, click below on Education Reporter Kim Wheeler's story.


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