Kirtland barn where Jeffrey Lundgren murdered family of five demolished

12:51 PM, Nov 15, 2007   |    comments
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"Finally, the evil thing is gone!" That's how one neighbor described the activity just outside Kirtland, Ohio. Ever since the brutal executions of the Avery family on April 18th, 1989, many residents had hoped that the site of the killings would be taken down. Jeffry Lundgren and the members of his cult, including his wife and son, were all convicted of the murders of Dennis Avery, his wife, Cheryl, both 42, and their three children, 15, 13, and 7 years old. Each member of the family was lured out to the barn behind the farmhouse on Route 6, their hands and feet bound with tape, and then shot by Lundgren. Another member of the cult covered up the sounds of the gunshots by operating a chain saw. The farm property was recently purchased by a local church. Pastor Dale Diggs of the New Promises Church said that he convinced his congregation that something good could finally come from something evil. They plan to erect a new church on the property next summer after the barn is demolished. Crane operator Dennis Mooney is doing his best to make sure the infamous structure is destroyed as quickly as possible. Tom Murphy, a board member of the New Promises Church, told Channel 3's Mike O'Mara that "as we talked about it at our church, well, it just seemed to come naturally that we could make something good out of something evil if we could put something good there". Kirtland resident, Ken Cain, was happy to see the demolition. Said Cain, "I mean who wants to be reminded of all the gore in this world. We see enough of it every day. Every time we drive by there it's a constant reminder." "I was here when it happened and everybody's talked about for years," added Elaine Jernejcic. "You do think about it every time you drive by that barn. So I'm hoping that this puts an end to it." Cult leader Jeffrey Lundgren was caught, convicted and finally executed by lethal injection in 2006. He claimed he was doing God's work.


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