Wickliffe takes down basketball hoops

6:40 AM, Jun 22, 2007   |    comments
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What's the worst expletive you've ever uttered after missing an easy layup, striking out to end the game or shanking a tee shot barely off the tee? Most of us have probably said something like that. But leaders in Wickliffe have responded to complaints of profanity on public basketball courts by removing the basketball rims from backboards at all seven city parks and playgrounds. Bad language was the only problem, said Wickliffe Police Chief Jim Fox. We had some younger officers join in the pickup basketball games, and they said the language was no worse than you'd hear anywhere in hard-fought competitive sports. But it was more than some parents wanted their youngsters to hear. The two basketball courts at Colby park are a stone's throw from the city's administration building and police department and directly adjacent to a toddler playground. I didn't come here, said Wickliffe resident Jennifer McIntyre, holding her toddler. There was too much swearing. Some Wickliffe residents complained the bad conduct was on the part of young adults who have come to Wickliffe playgrounds to play basketball after the rims were removed from backboards in their communities following complaints about behavior there. I hope they can come up with a better solution, Mrs. McIntyre said, one that will allow well-behaved young adults to play basketball alongside the toddler playground while keeping out adults who don't act like adults. Wickliffe City Council ordered the rims removed and invites public input on other solutions.


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