After many delays portion of Fulton Road Bridge falls

6:45 PM, Apr 28, 2007   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- After numerous delays and glitches part of the Fulton Road Bridge has been demolished, but the bulk of the bridge remains standing. The original demolition plan called for the entire bridge to be imploded at 8 a.m. by a seamless string of charges set up across the entire length of the bridge. It never happened. Instead, at around 9:30 a.m., the crowd of thousands thought they had reached the moment they had waited for in the rain for hours. The sirens sounded, the detonators were engaged and the explosives started to go off. But then an unexpected silence. A portion of the northern side of the bridge did come down, but there was a "break" in the line of charges. Crews went out to assess the problem and the waiting game began. Shortly afterward, demolition teams announced that they were revising the plan. Instead of taking the entire bridge down, the team decided to implode only the portion of the bridge over he railroad tracks. The detonation of those charges came just before noon Saturday and the section of bridge came crashing down. Crews had to remove that portion of the bridge and the debris from it so that freight train travel could resume within 24 hours. The plan for the rest of the bridge demolition is still being worked out. Crews will meet this afternoon to talk about today's events. Teams hope to have details available by Monday with a new demolition date to follow. During the delays, EMS had to be called after a person watching the event slipped and rolled down the hill where spectators were gathered. We're told the woman suffered a possible broken leg. Thousands had staked their spot since the early morning hours to see the historic bridge come down. But by noon when the partial implosion happened, only a fraction of the crowd remained. The eastern section of the bridge was imploded Saturday, so the rail line underneath would be available to re-open by Monday morning. Kokosing Contractors, ODOT and Zoo officials will meet Monday to determine when the rest of the bridge will be imploded. The delays also impacted the opening of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Please call ahead before setting out. The zoo grounds will not open until the all-clear is given. The Fulton Road Bridge is the bridge that visitors take to reach the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and spans across a portion of the zoo’s exhibits. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo says animals will be kept in their night quarters during the implosion. The Fulton Bridge demolition will require the Northern Trek exhibit area to remain closed all day Saturday. The area is where the bears, wolves and sea lion exhibits are. Zoo admission for Saturday only is being reduced. Admission prices will be $7 per person and $4 for children ages two to 11. Full access to the Northern Trek exhibits will resume on Sunday. If you took pictures of the demolition or the crowd, send it to by using the links at the bottom of the story. Click on the video links to see both raw video of the partial implosion as well as Maureen Kyle's report. You'll also find a compilation of some other demolition moments.


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