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Mayor Frank Jackson claims City Council's making a big mistake.

4:54 PM, Apr 18, 2007   |    comments
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The city now offers buyers of new homes 15 years with no property taxes. That arrangement expires in June. Council's spent month debating what to do. Developers, a Cleveland State report and many public officers all urge they keep the present plan in place. At a long meeting Tuesday, council discussed the issues. A show of hands showed no support for Mayor Frank Jackson's proposal. Jackson wants to decrease the basic deal for new homes to seven years. He wants to offer 12 years for homes that are energy efficient and built with senior-friendly features. He argues that would give Cleveland a leg-up in the marketplace if it was one of the first cities to widely market homes that guaranteed lower utility bills. To hear Jackson's argument for his abatement plan in an interview with Tom Beres, click "play video."


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