'You're a Monster!' -- Relatives unload on wife's killer

1:09 PM, Apr 17, 2007   |    comments
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"You killed the mother of your babies," said Kelly Kornblut, the victim's sister-in-law. "You get to visit your family. I get to visit a grave." Joseph Gorospe, 33, admitted to killing his wife, Marcie, inside the family's Hudson home in October. The couple's two young daughters were inside the home as Joseph Gorospe strangled, stabbed, and eventually beat Marcie with a baseball bat. "I hope Marcie is looking down from heaven," said Taub Kornblut Marcie's father. "You'll never see her again because where you're going there's fire, brimstone, and all sorts of Satan’s devils." "The only feats you'll ever be known for were destroying a good woman and orphaning your children," said Hank Kornblut, Marcie's brother. Marcie's mother, Joan Kornblut, looked directly at her son-in-law and said, "I hope this will be the last time any of us will ever have to see you." Joseph Gorospe told the court that he accepted responsibility for his actions and apologized for killing Marcie. "I'm sorry," he said. "I ask for your forgiveness. May she rest in peace and may the Lord comfort us." Relatives say Marcie, a popular History Teacher at Brush High School, no longer loved Joseph and planned to divorce him. "The only way she could escape was to tell you the truth," said Kelly Kornblut. "That you're nothing but a monster!"


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