Recalled pet food found on store shelves

7:56 AM, Mar 21, 2007   |    comments
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Toronto-based Menu Foods is recalling more than 80 plus name brands of "wet" dog and cat food. There's concern the food can cause kidney failure, even death in pets. So why are some of the recalled brands still on shelves? Our cameras caught nine Iam’s brand dog food cans still on the shelves at the Marc’s store in Elyria. A manager at that store told us off camera that the cans were placed back on the shelves by mistake. The rest of the recalled food is being re-packed and re-shipped back to the manufacturer. We placed several calls to Marc’s corporate for a statement with no reply as of air-time. We checked another store - a WalMart down the street. We found over three shelves full of Ol' Roy, one of the recalled brands. Only three varieties of Ol' Roy have been recalled, and with so many varieties, this can be confusing for customers. A WalMart spokesperson told us their stores are carefully handling the recall, and also issued a statement. The company reassures "As an additional precautionary measure, we have also put a sales restriction on the products in question so that, should one inadvertently be scanned, a restriction notice will come up for the cashier." Channel 3 also placed several calls to area APL’s. Every animal shelter contacted told us they had no animals effected by the contaminated food, and they are in the process of getting rid of the pet food cans.


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