Online eyewear can be cheaper alternative

1:57 PM, Apr 16, 2007   |    comments
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Dan discovered he could purchase glasses over the internet signicantly cheaper. However, he still needed an eye exam and some information. "I went and got a new prescription and while I was there I asked could I get my 'PD' which is the distance between my pupils," Dan said. He also needed to know the nubers on the inside of his frames. Then he went back online and started surfing eyewear sites. "I chose a couple frames I liked and when I looked at the prices I decided why don't I get more than one pair because it was so much cheaper," Dan said. "If I wasn't blind these would have cost me $9. They ended up costing me $45." The extras cost a little more. Such as non-reflective lenses and anti-scratch were each $5 more. An optometrist will precisely measure and adjust your frames to fit you perfectly. You're on your own online. Also the product may not be perfect. Dan's second pair of glasses cost him $75 and didn't fit him right. Still Dan says it was quite a bargain: "The savings were almost $400." Dan's glasses arrived in two weeks. If you're interested in trying this, remember you still need to have an eye exam and if you have a visual problem discuss your options with an opthalmologist. To watch Monica's story click on the video link. To reach Dan's blog and eyewear sites, click on the other links.


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