Cat burglar taking cats not jewels in Lodi

9:13 PM, Jan 23, 2007   |    comments
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"Abigail" is meowing softly by the back door, asking to go outside for a walk. That's not going to happen. Not in this part of Lodi, Ohio. It seems cats have been disappearing in the Birch street neighborhood for the last eight weeks. Abby has been a part of the Miller family for almost 16 years. A few weeks ago the tortoise shell cat disappeared when she was let outside. "We were up and down this street", recalls owner Melody Miller, "walking, calling to her, driving. I was out at midnight on Saturday when this happened." While they were searching the nearby streets and yards, the Millers discovered that many of their neighbors cats missing, too. More than 10 of felines were suddenly gone. Lydia Mickovsky lost two of her pet cats. "Sandra" was 9 years old and "Bootsie" was almost 3 years old when they disappeared. "Well, I am very angry about it", said Lydia. "And I don't think it is something that should be left alone. I want it investigated." A few houses down the block, disc jockey, Dave Dial, lost his callico kitten nicknamed "Fido". Said Dial, "You know it does start with animals. And this is the way a very bad thing begins." Today, "Abigail" is back home only because her owner, Jeff Miller, heard her crying. "I saw my neighbor outside and heard a meow", said Miller. "And I thought that's odd, I'm missing a cat and I hear meowing so I went over and asked him and he said he caught one. Our cat was in a live trap-cage in his pickup truck." The neighbor, Tom Siegfried, admitted taking Miller's cat because it was trespassing on his property. Officials in Lodi say it's legal to trap an animal in your yard. However, the animal is supposed to turned over to the authorities and not dumped on a remote country road. Melody Miller said, "I think they've all disappeared through the same means." Abby, the cat, is safe and sound, forbidden from going outside ever again. The other neighborhood cats are still missing.


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