Euclid Beach Park arch damaged

5:25 PM, Jan 11, 2007   |    comments
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Cleveland's Historical Restoration Society says had the landmark been constructed with only concrete and not reinforced frame, the last remaining structure might have been a memory like the rest of Euclid Beach. Perhaps you remember the Thriller roller coaster -- which was just that. "I like the roller coaster cause we went down the hill up and down," former beach-goer Joyce Watt recalled. Or the rocket ships that took you out of this world. And dancing the night away under those same stars. "My fondest memory is meeting my husband here," beachgoer Ann Hirsch said. That was 1961. Hirsch kept the husband, kept the memories and isn't ready to give up Euclid Beach gateway either. "I was sorry to see it so damaged, it's been here all my life," Hirsch said. Sometime between two and four Thursday morning a Chevy Suburban crashed into the eastside of the gateway. Late Thursday afternoon, 30-year-old Arlyce Clemmons turned herself into Cleveland Police and admitted she had driven into the arch. Clemmons says she was trying to avoid another car coming in the opposite direction. She's been charged with failing to control her vehicle, and with leaving the scene of an accident. "It's certainly damaged and it's damaged severely, but it can be fixed and it's got to be fixed," Ward 11 Councilman Mike Polensek said. The archway is an historic landmark and a Cleveland icon. Employees of G.H. Capital, which bought the apartments behind the structure took the clean up job but the fix up is one more mystery. "They've argued it's a public right of way, therefore it's the responsibility of the city," Polensek said. "The main thing is that it be shored up until the responsibility can be determined." One thing is for certain if you could rebuild it with nostalgia, you could erect a whole park. Euclid Beach Park Euclid Beach Park opened as an amusement park in 1895 and was open until 1969. The park, with several roller coasters, a carousel was patterned after New York's Coney Island.


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