Wind turbine a 'go' on lakefront

5:50 PM, Jun 9, 2006   |    comments
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They built the turbine about a month ago but it was officially set in motion Friday morning. They expect the turbine to provide seven percent of the center's electricity. The turbine weighs 26 tons and stands 150 feet tall. It's taller than the Science Center but just a few feet shorter than Browns Stadium. The center installed the turbine on the front lawn for several different reasons, the obvious one being it wouldn't fit anywhere else. But they also wanted to catch people's attention, raise awareness and spark discussion about renewable energy sources.

  • With a breeze of eight m.p.h. the turbine begins to generate electricity.
  • At 31 it reaches peak output – enough to power 300 refrigerators.
  • At 56 m.p.h. it shuts down to prevent damage
We'll post video of the turbine in motion later today. The Great Lakes Science Center's mission is to demonstrate the relationships between science, the environment and technology.


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