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PETA asks Hamburg to rename itself Veggieburg

11:08 AM, Apr 23, 2003   |    comments
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It's an idea that's been proposed by an animal rights group. In Hamburg, burger eating is a time-honored tradition, and with good cause. The hamburger was born here. The animal rights group PETA says, hamburgers are bad, and has offered the town $15,000 in veggie burgers if it changes its name to Veggieburg. "We know that Hamburg is known as the home of the hamburger, but they don't need to be known as the home of the heart attack as well. And we're just giving them a really good suggestion, and the suggestion is based on compassion and sound nutritional advice," said Joe Haptas of PETA. "I just don't understand the correlation as to a town's name as to how somebody else eats," said Hamburg Supervisor, Patrick Hoak. "In all due respect to the veggie people, I’ll take my hamburger every day of the week." It doesn't look like the high school mascot will become the Veggieburg Bean Sprout anytime soon. Most people in town are against a name change.


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