Bridge problems mount as Cuyahoga River traffic waits

7:45 PM, Mar 10, 2006   |    comments
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You’d think for that kind of money, you’d get a bridge that works. But somebody ordered the 64 cables that raise and lower the bridge about 3 ½ feet too short. So, when lowered, the bridge sits nearly four feet above the roadway it’s supposed to connect to. “Nobody wanted this to happen,” said Project Engineer Tom Hyland. “We tried to plan ahead as much as we could. It was obviously unexpected.“ Upriver, an ore barge at Mittal Steel is already late for coming downriver since the bridge is blocking the way.

  1. Too short: The cables that raise and lower it are 4 feet too short
  2. Too light: The weights that pull the cables are too light
  3. Too old? The towers that support the weights -- built in the 1940s -- are bowing
  1. Photos: Problems at the West Third Street Bridge
  2. Million pound counterweight not enough
  3. West Third Street Bridge

WKYC-TV and The Associated Press

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