Grand jury widens scope of charges against Islamic Mosque of Cleveland founder, associates

10:28 AM, Feb 2, 2006   |    comments
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Ahbrar Haque is the man in the center of the investigation. Now, a grand jury has widened the scope of the charges against he and his associates. In February 2005, Federal agents raided the accounting offices of Haque, the Islamic Center’s founder. In April, he, his wife and two associates were charged in Federal Court for money laundering. Now, 10 months later, 11 more of his associates have been charged. Last February, federal agents removed box after box from Haque’s accounting business, Ahbrar CPA, on Lorain Avenue in Cleveland. The seizure of those documents, investigators say, are what lead to the new charges. Haque and the 13 others are charged with creating false documentation for immigration purposes, money laundering, falsifying payroll records, filing false tax returns, mail and wire fraud and more. Four of those charged Wednesday, including Haque, were also charged last April. He along with his wife, brother and a long list of employees from the Cleveland area are now part of that growing list facing charges. A piece of this investigation also centers on the Ihsan School of Excellence in Cleveland. Haque founded and managed that school. Investigators say Haque’s staff created false employment tax reports for those working at the school. In addition to the document seizure at the CPA’s offices last February, investigators also raided his Berea home last year. Federal investigators did not go before cameras Wednesday. Where all this money was going or what the big picture motive was for these activities is not being elaborated on. Only two of the newly charged individuals have been taken into custody. The others will be served subpoenas as part of this 66-page indictment that contains 76 counts.


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