Undercover investigation leads to arrest of well-known doctor

11:53 AM, Jan 31, 2006   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Police say Dr. Bruce Feldman, along with some office workers and nurses, were operating a “pill mill,” providing patients with all the painkillers they wanted. The very popular Dr. Feldman was led away from his million-dollar mansion by Cleveland narcotics officers. Feldman had a reputation for being a true humanitarian. In May of 2004, Feldman was charging only $25 for office visits from those who could not afford primary care. “I can go to sleep at night feeling good about it,” Feldman said in May of 2004. Investigators say to some patients he truly was “Doctor Feel Good.” “For the last six weeks, undercover officers were visiting his three offices posing as patients,” said Cleveland Police Lt. Thomas Stacho. Police say the average visit involved little or no examination. For $150 to $200, they were prescribed highly addictive percocet and vicodin. Assistant County Prosecutor Dan Kasaris says Feldman used unusual aliases to avoid a paper trail of over prescribing. “If a person wanted some controlled substances and wanted to get them under a different name he would just pick up a dogs name and add a last name,” one person described. From his offices, police confiscated $550,000 in cash. They took his Bentley worth more than $180,000, a Corvette and Jeep. If investigators can prove their case, all this becomes property of the state. At last check, police say Feldman remains in Cuyahoga County jail. He is expected to be arraigned on drug trafficking charges Tuesday. Assistant County Prosecutor Kasaris says it is possible that others were indicted, although no patients have been charged as of yet. Doctor Feldman’s office records were confiscated. It is believed half the patient names are fictitious.


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