Five meth labs busted in four days in Summit County

2:38 PM, Apr 7, 2005   |    comments
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Summit County Sheriff Drew Alexander says police have found 36 methamphetamine labs in 2005.

Meth lab busts in Akron, Tallmadge, Coventry Township

  • April 2: Akron Police and Akron/Summit County Meth Response team find meth lab on Shoreline Drive. Stephen W. Shiltz, 34; Brian J. Polumbo, 25 arrested and charged with two meth-related felonies.
  • April 3: A woman took a portable meth lab to the Tallmadge Police Department. An investigation into the matter continues.
  • April 4: Akron firefighters respond to a house fire and recognized a meth lab at the home. Gerald S. Narney, 30, was charged with four drug-related felonies.
  • April 5: A Sheriff's Deputy noticed meth lab components in a car stopped for a traffic violation. Jason W. Anderson, 19 and Jerry L. Ramsey, 29, were arrested and charged with illegal assembly of chemicals.
  • April 6: A tip call led authorities to a Coventry Township home where three people were found unresponsive. After being revived, Anna Kennedy, 22; Tommy W. Farson, 28 and Casey M. Benn, 25 were charged with illegal manufacture of methamphetamine.


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