Medina: Board moves ahead with termination of superintendent

5:18 PM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
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 PDF Document: Board Resolution Suspension and Termination R Stepp

MEDINA -- The Medina city school board is sending Superintendent Randy Stepp a letter, notifying him he will now be on unpaid administrative leave, and it is moving forward with termination proceedings.

The board voted unanimously Monday afternoon, following closed-door meetings with attorneys for the district and Stepp.

Last week, a state auditor released a report, ordering Stepp to repay more than $4,000 in improper expenses.

The auditor's office is still investigating other expenses, including a $171,011 payment to cover Stepp's student loans.

The president of the Medina Teachers Association says its investigation into the audit could show Stepp misused more than $900,000.

The termination process in Ohio is lengthy and could take several more months.

Statement from the Medina City School Board of Education:

This afternoon, the Medina City School Board of Education passed a resolution to suspend superintendent Dr. Randolph Stepp without pay pending a termination proceeding. The termination process for superintendents in Ohio is guided by Ohio Revised Code, Sections 3319.01 and 3319.16.


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