Pigskin Prognosticators: Week 7

10:14 AM, Oct 8, 2013   |    comments
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It's back and forth in the race for top high school football pigskin prognosticator.

This week, Brian Crane squeaked out the overall lead.

Crane went 5-1, with his only loss being Willoughby South.

In fact, no one in our entire panel predicted Chardon upsetting the Rebels. 


Dave Chudowsky and Vincent Dorsey both tied for second last week with 4-2 records.

Tim Dubravetz finished 2-4.

The commissioner has requested more challenging games for our panel of experts.  It should be an interesting race as we approach the final stretch of the season.

Pigskin Prognosticator Overall Record (after week 6):

Crane:  28-8

Chudowsky:  27-9

Dorsey:  23-13

Dubravetz:  21-15

Here are the picks for week 7:

Lakeside at Eastlake North:

Crane:  Eastlake North

Chudowsky:  Lakeside

Dorsey:  Lakeside

Dubravetz:  Lakeside

Cardinal at Newbury:

Crane:  Newbury

Chudowsky:  Cardinal

Dorsey:  Cardinal

Dubravetz:  Cardinal

Padua at Hoban:

Crane:  Hoban

Chudowsky:  Hoban

Dorsey:  Hoban

Dubravetz:  Hoban

Shaw at Bedford:

Crane:  Bedford

Chudowsky:  Bedford

Dorsey:  Bedford

Dubravetz:  Shaw

Black River at Buckeye:

Crane:  Buckeye

Chudowsky:  Black River

Dorsey:  Black River

Dubravetz:  Black River

Ellet at Buchtel (Saturday):

Crane:  Buchtel

Chudowsky:  Ellet

Dorsey:  Ellet

Dubravetz:  Ellet


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