East Cleveland starts Adopt-a-Block program

8:03 PM, Sep 1, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Over the past few months, the city of East Cleveland has had to endure the tragedy of a serial killer, along with deteriorating housing and financial issues. 

However, one man can See the Possible in the revival of the community through its own members.

Judge William L. Dawson was born, educated and raised on the east side. He believes the situation can be turned around with the people's hope, faith and determination in the city. As a judge, Dawson feels that it is his mission to restore order and pride in East Cleveland and the larger community.

To spark the revival, Dawson has created the Adopt-a-Block program that will kicked-off in September during the Shaw High School All Class Reunion Picnic at the Forest Hills Park in East Cleveland.

To take part in Adopt-a-Block, volunteers will have to first contact the East Cleveland Municipal Court, choose a block or park and clean up the area on monthly community clean up days. Along with cleaning up the community, the program promotes community involvement to stop crime and illegal activity.


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