Search for Christina Adkins on Vega Ave turns up nothing

10:44 PM, Aug 30, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- New information led the FBI and police to West 25th Street and Interstate 90 -- specifically, Vega Avenue -- but their search turned up empty for a teenager missing since 1995.

WKYC's Tom Beres says the FBI and police were digging in a basement of a home at 2610 Vega Ave., an access road along the north side of I-90.

The FBI said a tip led to a search for Christina Adkins, who has been missing since Jan. 11, 1995.

Adkins was 18 and five months pregnant when she went missing.

1:30 p.m. Beres said Christina's younger sister Tonia Adkins arrived at the location and police allowed her and Christina's nephew to move closer to the house.

2:30 p.m. Debbie Marmol, Christina's mother, arrived at the home, saying she learned about the search from a co-worker who saw it on social media.

4:15 p.m. Beres said the parents of Gina DeJesus -- one of the three girls found May 6 held captive by Ariel Castro in his Seymour Avenue home -- arrived on Vega Avenue but declined to be interviewed.

They did join a group of neighbors who formed a prayer circle to pray for all those who are missing. 

"She was my best friend, we talked 100 times a day," Marmol said. "I'm hopeful but I just want some closure."

Marmol said she did not know of any connection between Christina and the home on Vega Avenue. 

FBI spokeswoman Vicki Anderson tells WKYC's Tom Beres that the FBI received a tip and that FBI and police are searching the entire home, along with police K-9s.

Anderson said the house is occupied, but the man who lives there is not a person of interest in the investigation.

Anderson also emphasized that, despite the street being near Seymour Avenue, there is no connection at all to Ariel Castro.

Neighbors tell Beres that the two homes are a gathering place on weekends for individuals who play "Dungeons & Dragons" games.

Outside the home are carpeted crosses that are standing upright in automobile tires. 

Crime scene tape was put around a vacant lot next to the home.

They removed barrels of materials dug up from the basement. 


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