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Slight movement suggests possible seismic activity at Whiskey Island salt mine

11:41 AM, Aug 21, 2013   |    comments
Cleveland Cargill Salt Mine (Photo Courtesy: Ohio Department of Natural Resources)
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CLEVELAND -- Cargill, the company that owns the salt mine at Whiskey Island in Cleveland, has closed the facility to investigate a safety concern in the mine.

Mining operations were suspended Monday, after a routine study of the area indicated some slight movement in an area that was mined years ago.

"We decided to take a prudent position and temporarily stop the underground mining operations while we assess the situation," said Cargill Salt Spokesman Mark Klein.

While Cargill is not mining this week, it will still be shipping salt that has already been mined at the site.

The exact points of data that prompted the closure of the mine are not entirely clear. The company says it is too soon to say whether any seismic activity was involved.

Various measurement tools, including a seismometer, are being delivered to the site today and further study of the mine will continue this week.

Cargill mine workers are on paid leave for the rest of the week as a precaution.

It is not clear how long the tests will take. Klein says the company will take as long as is necessary to ensure the safety of its workers.


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