Law enforcement prepares for child abduction scenarios

11:16 PM, May 19, 2013   |    comments
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WALTON HILLS -- It's a frightening statistic from the FBI: A child is reported missing every 40 seconds in America.

So to make sure they're ready local police departments held a mock child abduction drill Saturday.

In Walton Hills, officers and K-9 units sprung into action.

The scenario: A mom wakes up to find her daughter missing.

The Southeastern Child Abduction Response Team, or CART, involves 7 neighboring suburbs. They're learning to work together because every second counts.

"You have approximately 3 hours. If somebody wants to do some harm to a child, it's probably going to happen in the first 3 hours. If that child is missing, as soon as you find that the child is missing, you need to notify police," explained Sgt. Jamey Hofmann, Southeastern CART team commander.

Sgt. Hofmann says say parents wait an average of 90 minutes before calling police.

Typically, parents try looking for themselves, or call friends and relatives. Police urge parents to call right away.


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