Stephanie Coueignoux: Soy and Garlic Glazed Salmon 5/15/13

9:52 AM, May 15, 2013   |    comments
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-          salmon (if it's frozen, you'll want to thaw it out before you cook it)

-          soy sauce

-          brown sugar (white sugar will also work)

-          fresh, crushed garlic

-          water


In a bowl, thoroughly mix:


- soy sauce

- brown sugar

- crushed garlic

- some water


I don't have specific amounts because it depends on how much salmon you're cooking. It should be enough to marinate the salmon in, and have some to drizzle over before serving.


When you taste it, the sauce should be tangy, just a little salty, with a hint of sweetness and punch of the garlic.


Put your salmon into a large, heavy duty Ziplock plastic bag.


Pour most of the sauce into the bag, zip it up, and put it in the refrigerator.


Depending on the intensity of the flavor, you can marinate it anywhere from five minutes to two hours.


Put a pan onto the stove, and turn the heat to medium.


Add just a little oil to the pan (salmon is naturally oily so you really don't need much).


Depending on the thickness of the salmon, cook it until the center is just slightly pink- about four minutes to six minutes on each side.


Plate it, drizzle any extra sauce if you'd like.


It's great with asparagus and rice.


You can also just add the salmon to a salad and use the sauce as dressing.


What I also love about this sauce it that it tastes great with chicken and steak!



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