Cuyahoga Falls: Backpacks banned at Rockin' on the River

6:57 PM, Apr 26, 2013   |    comments
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CUYAHOGA FALLS -- Walk through Cuyahoga Falls and they're everywhere: backpacks. And many people can't leave home without them. But after the bombings in Boston another change is coming.

"It's terrible the world is just not any fun anymore."

Bob Earley has organized the Rockin' on the River concert series for 27 years. They've added more police officers over the years. Now after meeting with city officials, they've decided to ban backpacks.

"Why allow backpacks. They're not needed. If you have one it means you're up to something."

Bob says if you have one leave it in your car. They will allow diaper bags and medical bags but everything will be checked. And he's willing to bet other outdoor events will soon follow.

"There shouldn't be anyone in the world against this. We just had to do the right thing."


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