Photos: Send us your best Superman pose

11:46 AM, Apr 18, 2013   |    comments
  • Superman socks worn by WKYC's Matt Babb. Submitted via WKYC's Instagram.
  • Submitted by Dom via WKYC's Facebook page.
  • Superman: Rebirth Submitted By:Michael from: Girard, Ohio
  • Submitted by Stephanie via WKYC's Facebook page.
  • Submitted By:Robert from: United States
  • My son Joey in Superman outfit. 2005 Submitted By:John from: Our House
  • Here's my Superman, my hero, my husband, Michael and I! 10/12/12 <3 Submitted By:Rosa from: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Grayson is Superman!! He dresses like a different superhero everyday! Submitted By:Jennifer from: Chardon, Ohio
  • Image submitted by Michele via the WKYC Facebook page. The image shows her son with the actor who portrayed Lex Luther in 'Smallville.'
  • On April 18, 2013 -- the 75th anniversary of the Man of Steel, has been declared as 'Superman Day' in Cleveland. City Hall proudly displayed a Superman flag to honor the day. Photo: Barry Wolf, WKYC-TV.
  • Super Jude submitted by Emmy in Cleveland.
  • Photo by Barry Wolf, WKYC-TV.
  • Photo submitted by Joseph in Cleveland.
  • Submitted by @adampancackes via the WKYC Twitter page.
  • Photo submitted by WKYC's Matt Babb on Twitter.
  • This is Ralph E. Doodle the Goldendoodle. His mission in life is to save the world one lick at a time! Submitted By:Staci from: Lyndhurst, Ohio
  • This is my nephew, Ibrahim M. Ayad. When he was around 3 months old, he would keep starring at his hand. His uncle, Esmeil, who is obsessed with everything Superman, bought him this outfit. This picture was a happy coincidence. I edited his Superman photo with another similar one using the apps on my phone. Submitted By:Philistine from: North Olmsted, Ohio
  • Our Superman - husband, father and pop-pop! He is able to leap into our hearts! Submitted By:Larry from: Metropolis, IL
  • Transitioning from Kent to Superman! Submitted By:Matthew from: Akron, Ohio
  • Submitted By:Carl from: Boise, Idaho
  • See that "Home Improvement" poster? That was a long time ago! Submitted By:Carl from:
  • This is a picture of baby Joseph on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. When he was born January 28, 2013, he weighed 1pound 3 ounces and now he's 4 pounds 3 ounces. Baby Joseph is our SUPER PREMIE!!! Submitted By:Joseph from: Rainbow Babies NICU, Cleveland, OH
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In honor of Superman's 75th anniversary, which is April 18, we want to see your best superhero pose. Grab some costumes, gather your pals and upload your Superman poses using the tool below -- we might include it in one of our shows.

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