Clyde: Lawyers decline to release 'cancer cluster' tests

6:05 PM, Apr 8, 2013   |    comments
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CLYDE -- A lawyer whose firm represents 12 families, including  victims in a "cancer cluster," called independent testing  in six homes for toxic residue "significant and important.."

But Alan Mortensen declined to elaborate on exactly what that means.

He said experts needed to interpret the findings and said they were being forwarded to both federal and state EPAs.

"Whether or not it's a danger to the community, we're going to leave it to the EPA to make that determination," he said.

The community of Clyde has spent years trying to learn the cause of an excessive number of cancer cases in the community.

At least 35 childen have been stricken with various types of cancer . Seven have died.

For victims' families, the pain never ends.

"It was six years tomorrow that he passed away...we celebrated his 12th birthday yesterday," said Steve Keller grandfather of brain cancer victim Kole Keller.

Last month, a Fremont law firm sued on behalf of three families with members stricken by cancer. The suit seeks $750 million in damages.

Mortensen suggested that suit may be piggybacking off research done by others, saying it might have been "done prematurely or with speculative opportunism."

Much suspicion for the cancer's causes centers on toxic substances allegedly dumped at Whirlpool Park here.

But there is no common denominator among cancer victims. They did not all attend the same school, live in the same neighborhood, drink the same water or have the same kind of cancer.

Warren Brown is the father of 4-year-old cancer victim, Alexa. He is a member of the group represented by Mortensen. He said he and others in the Mortenson group "just want the truth."

He suggested plaintiffs in the first lawsuit may be more motivated by money.

"We want the truth...if the truth comes in the form of ten dollars or ten million dollars does not matter," he said.

Keller said,"Kids are still getting sick."

Several law firms are monitoring the situation in this potentially important and lucrative case.



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