Rocky River: Green remodeling lowers costs, environmental impact

1:13 AM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
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ROCKY RIVER -- When homeowners Beverly Maloney-Fischback and David Fischback decided to renovate a home, they wanted it to be environmentally friendly inside and out. 

The home was renovated using the latest green technologies and materials that are safe for their family.

Thermostats can be controlled by cellphone and artwork is made from teak scrap wood.

Green technologies include solar panels, energy-saving appliances, low VOC paints and natural wool carpets.  Traditional carpets are made out of petroleum-based products.

Sustainable bamboo is used as the flooring and even as sinks. R-38 recycled insulation is used in the roof and R-19 in the walls.

They even recycle grey water to flush their toilets. Grey water technology is used mostly in arid climates like in the southwest.  Even though they live a couple hundred yards from Lake Erie, they recycle all the water used from showers, sinks and laundry. It is filtered and chlorinated and then used to flush toilets or, mixed with collected rain water, for the lawn.

They feel they are spending 30% less per square foot than their old home. Everything should pay for itself within 5 years.

Fischback is president of Krill Construction and Maloney-Fischback is CEO and founder of Organic Spa Magazine. 

They hope to demonstrate how simple it is to incorporate these systems into existing homes. 

For $100, a solar-powered attic fan can help move hot air in the attic, saving on cooling bills. They opted to keep a large tree in the backyard rather than add more solar panels to the roof.  They figure the shade from the tree will help cool the house.

Award-winning architectural firm AODK Inc., based in Lakewood, Ohio, designed the green renovated luxury home.


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