Avon: 6-year-old suspended after bringing airgun to school

11:39 AM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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AVON -- A first grade student, threatened by another student, is suspended after bringing an airsoft gun to school.

The child told Avon Police he and his cousin were threatened by another student. On Friday, the student carried it to the bus stop in his backpack, showing it to the student who threatened him.

When teachers found out, they took the gun and called police.
Now he could be expelled from school.

"The world, the way it is today, I can't blame them for throwing him out of school. But it's too bad," said his grandmother Mary Phillips.

Phillips says she understands why Avon Schools suspended her six-year-old grandson.

"He's never been dangerous. He's definitely not dangerous. No way," she said, of the boy.

Police say the airsoft gun was a clear, compact .45 caliber-like weapon, with a single green pellet in the magazine. The boy never used the gun and told others it was a toy.

Phillips says that while she knows her grandson is a good kid, the school can't take any chances.

"This is why they're taken extreme measures about it. Because there's so many kids doing these same things. You don't know what a kid is going to do," she said.

She says the boy got the gun from his mother's home, who didn't answer the door when our news crews stopped by.

Phillips says the boy's father has talked to him about what happened. Now he's hoping he'll be able to go back to school after a 10-day suspension.

"He feels real bad about what happened. It's too bad, you know, that he has to pay for it. Because you don't buy no kid, no six-year-old, a bb gun," said Phillips. "And who would have known he would take it to school?"

Avon Police aren't filing charges but they hope other parents realize they need to know what kids have access to, and might carry with them to school.

Some in the community have concerns that the school, while handling the situation, never informed other parents.

The school's principal and superintendent didn't return WKYC's calls Thursday. When WKYC stopped at the school, our news crews were told no one was available to comment.


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