Malissa Williams' family hopes report leads to changes

9:24 PM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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"On Nov. 29 the system failed everyone." That's how Attorney General Mike DeWine summed up the state's investigation into a deadly police chase and shooting that left two people dead.

The failure of the system isn't felt any stronger than inside the home and the hearts of the people who loved Malissa Williams-the passenger in the car being chased.

They knew her as more than the "gun brandishing suspect" described by police on radio recordings. The investigation reveals, that at one point Malissa attempted to surrender to police.

"So many people say that she was upset, angry not if she's waving her hands out the window saying stop. We don't have a weapon. It traumatizes you to know that those were the last moments of your sister's life."

For the first time since the November 29 shooting, investigators admit, there was no gun in the chase car. It also found that one officer, jumped on top of a patrol car and fired nearly 50 rounds at Russell and Williams.

"Standing on the hood of a car shooting down on the hood you can clearly see they don't have a weapon... so many officers said they were scared for their life... imagine how they felt."

Attorney General Mike DeWine stated the officers involved, misinterpreted facts and failed to follow the rules but said it was the system itself that failed the officers.

For Malissa's family, who say they've yet to receive a formal apology, it's simply no excuse.

"They need to be made examples out of because that's no okay."

Their hope is that the city acts by getting rid of everyone from the 13 officers that fired 137 shots into that car, to the supervisors who claimed to know nothing about 60 plus patrol cars in pursuit, that fateful night.


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