Prade DNA evidence not found in sample

6:52 PM, Jan 29, 2013   |    comments
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Fifteen years ago, they couldn't distinguish between the victim's DNA and that of the killer's because the victim's blood overwhelmed the sample.

The evidence, a bite mark on Dr. Margo Prade's lab coat, is where both the state and defense believe would contain the killer's DNA.

When it was tested with today's technology, known as the Y chromosome short tandem repeat test, Y-STR,  a much more sophisticated method used to test for DNA, it cleared both Doug Prade and Dr. Prade's then-fiance Timothy Holston.  

What was discovered was partial DNA samples of two unknown men. It's not clear how that ended up on the same piece of evidence or if those samples will be run through a database.

Prade's DNA did not show up on the other evidence that was tested either.
















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