Cleveland: Innovative medical kiosks provide patient care

11:52 AM, Jan 12, 2013   |    comments
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  • CLEVELAND --  A partnership between a Cleveland-based design firm and the city's largest children's hospital is expected to provide faster, less expensive medical care in more neighborhoods.

    In development for two years, the HealthSpot stations will be up and running for a free public trial beginning in February.

    Co-designed by the innovation firm Nottingham Spirk, the HealthSpot is a stand-alone capsule where patients can enter and receive private health care examinations from a doctor over a computer.

    "It blends everything Cleveland is good at: devices, medical, and software technology," said John Nottingham.

    It costs less for the consumer, the doctor and the insurance company, and enables more patients to be seen and treated, instead of clogging up waiting rooms with minor health issues.

    Seven devices that measure vitals like blood pressure, temperature and examine ears, nose and throat are operated by the patient inside the station, and monitored by a board-certified physician over an HD Internet connection.

    The doctor can prescribe treatments if necessary.  The station uses UV sanitation to clean the capsule between patients.

    Doctors at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital are excited about the possibilities.

    Pediatrician Andrew Hertz, MD, envisions the HealthSpot stations in neighborhoods where urgent care options are scarce outside of the ER.

    "It's going to be a great alternative for children who don't have serious medical problems. They can go to an alternative location and receive quality medical care from a board certified pediatrician," said Dr. Hertz.

    The HealthSpot is one of many new initiatives of the UH Rainbow Care Connection, a pediatric accountable care organization focusing on availability of medical care and improvement for Northeast Ohio's children.

    The first implementation of the HealthSpot will be in a free public trial in Beachwood in February.  From there, it will expand to the east side of Cleveland.


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