Investigator: Convicted double murderer to be set free

11:31 AM, Dec 19, 2012   |    comments
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PARMA -- An elderly convicted double murderer is expected to be released from prison this week, despite the objections of the victims' family.  

Edward Jakub, 85, has served 20 years of a 30-years-to-life sentence for the murders of his sister, Marge Churgovich, and her husband, Ed.

It was October 1989 when Jakub walked into the kitchen of the elderly couple's Parma home and gunned them down as they were eating breakfast in their kitchen. 

Marge was 71.  Ed was 70.

Jakub was 62 at the time of the murders.  He drove to the Parma police station immediately after killing the couple and confessed to the killings.

The Churgovich's daughters received notice from the state parole board that it intends to release Jakub into the community as early as Thursday.

The family will testify before the parole board on Thursday, opposing his release.

The family fears they could become Jakub's next victims.

"Before he killed my parents, we were all part of some conspiracy against him, and I don't think that's gone away," said Jean Murray.

Her sister, Diane Carleton, expressed similar feelings.

"He's going to come and do it again. Kill us. It was easy for him to get a gun the first time, and he can do it again," Carleton said.

Ohio prison statistics show convicts Jakub's age are not likely to return to prison for criminal activity. Prison figures show that, of those between the ages of 65 and 69, the figure is 5.6 percent.

It drops to under 3 percent for those between 70 and 74. And not one inmate, 75 or older, commits another criminal act following his or her release from prison.

Still, the family considers Jakub a threat. "Oh I think I will be looking behind me all the time. When will he be there? You don't know," Murray said.

The two sisters say Jakub has a history of mental health issues and needs to be supervised to make sure he's taking his medications.

They said he could be placed in a local nursing home in Northeast Ohio. Since he killed two elderly people, they argue a nursing home would not be a suitable choice.

The state said it would notify a nursing home of Jakub's violent past should he be placed there. 


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