Jackson Twp: Superintendent meets with parents about former coach

12:02 AM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Thursday night was "Meet the Team" night for the high school basketball teams and their families.

They also met a new coach, in light of the arrest and felony charges facing former freshman coach Scott Studer.

"We just have to reassure the kids they're in a safe environment and nobody's going to take advantage of them. I think that's the main thing. The kids' safety is the most important thing," said Jon DuPont, commissioner for the Jackson Youth Basketball Association.

Prior to the pep rally, parents met with Jackson Superintendent Chris DiLoreto, who answered questions about the allegations as best as he could.

"All kinds of questions. He addressed everything and told us everything. We're ready to forget about this and go on," said Julie Rearich, whose son played on Studer's team last year.

On Thursday, Jackson Township Police said they've been able to identify 24 of the boys captured on images, taken from Studer's home computer. Investigators are now going through Studer's hard drive with a fine tooth comb.

Jackson High School has counselors on hand to help students cope with the shocking news.


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