Cleveland Clinic part of the presidential debate

5:43 PM, Oct 4, 2012   |    comments
Getty Images: J.D. Pooley
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CLEVELAND -- You've heard "as goes Ohio, so goes the presidency..." so it's no wonder both candidates mentioned Ohio during the debate Wednesday night.

President Obama specifically pointed out the Cleveland Clinic and millions of Americans heard the president give more than just a shout out to Cleveland.

He referenced the Clinic as what should be the model of healthcare.

It came out of the blue. "...Cleveland Clinic, one of the best healthcare systems in the world, they actually provide great care cheaper than average..." the president said.

He was referring to the Clinic's practice of a multidisciplinary appraoch to care, something they have been doing for the last 90 years.

A team of doctors goes over each patient's case so repeated tests and procedures can be avoided.

That's not common practice in smaller hospitals around the country but even Republican candidate Mitt Romney agreed it should be.

Having the candidates give a shout-out meant a lot to voters.

Healthcare is one of the polarizing issues of the campaign but the Cleveland Clinic was thrilled to be credited with doing something right.


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