See The Possible: Saving the Parma Theater

11:10 PM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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PARMA, Ohio -- Residents in one local town are rallying together to save a 76-year-old city landmark.

The Parma Theater closed its doors over Labor Day weekend, but residents see the possible and want to find a way to have the theater reopened and restored.

Parma City Councilwoman Deborah Lime believes the Cleveland suburb is big enough to have their own theater and there are people who are interested in raising the money to get the theater reopened.

"I've had individuals who have come to me with ideas, business plans, websites, to get together to raise these funds; to raise these funds that are necessary to one, buy the theater, two, renovate it, and three, upgrade it," said Lime.

The Parma Theater was privately owned and is in need of renovations and updated equipment.


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