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Cedar Point's graveyard honors the park's 'dead' rides

11:19 AM, Sep 22, 2012   |    comments
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SANDUSKY -- Their "deaths" may be recent, but Cedar Point has already buried the memories of Disaster Transport, Space Spiral and the WildCat in their HalloWeekends ride graveyard.

Photos: Cedar Point's ride graveyard

Surrounded by dead trees on the main midway, tombstones for dozens of expired rides like Earthquake and Demon Drop stick out of a patch of brown, crispy grass near the park's main entrance.

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The ride graveyard's sign invites guests to take a brief moment to mourn the dead attractions that have been silenced forever.

Photos: HalloWeekends 2012 at Cedar Point

"Over the years, our rides have increased. As a result, some are deceased," the sign states. "These rides may be gone, but they're not forgotten, though their motors have stopped and their wood has turned rotten. So pause for a minute; stop making merry: All we've got is their tombstones, they're too big to bury." (See random facts about the ride graveyard below).

Among the recent dearly departed is the Space Spiral rotating observation ride, which crashed down to its death on Sept. 12.

"In '65 CP reached new heights in fun when Space Spiral began its lengthy run," the ride's tombstone declares. "Our tallest ride for many a year, its scenic view was nothing to fear."

Photos: Cedar Point tears down Space Spiral

Sitting nearby is the final resting place for Disaster Transport, the park's long-running indoor bobsled roller coaster.

Photos: Disaster Transport's demolition at Cedar Point

Its tombstone reads: "When bobsleds seemed too slow of pace we launched them into outer space! With a dim robotic staff, including 'Dave,' Disaster's riders had to be brave. One question remains, so I'll come out and ask ya, 'Did anyone ever actually arrive in Alaska?'"

Disaster Transport, which first opened in 1985, made its last journey on July 29. Its structure was entirely demolished by the end of August.

Photos: Remembering Cedar Point's Disaster Transport, Space Spiral

Space Spiral and Disaster Transport were both brought to their deaths as the park makes room for new life in 2013 when Cedar Point unleashes the winged GateKeeper roller coaster.

But those two aren't the only ones with RIP connected to their names.

Also joining the hallowed ground is WildCat, the park's steel mouse coaster. It closed forever and was demolished prior to the start of the 2012 season to make room for the new Luminosity show.

Photos: Disaster Transport's final ride

Etched in "stone" WildCat's tombstone says: "WildCat is growling no more, in 2011 came its last roar. We'll miss its steep dives and climbs back to the top but not its sudden, final stop!"

May they all rest in peace.

Facts about the ride graveyard:

- It has been in place for at least a decade during HalloWeekends.

- 2012 is the first time three rides have been added to it.

- Not all of Cedar Point's former rides are represented. Instead, it features rides from more recent decades, mostly from the 1960s to the present.

- Although its tombstone is undated, the oldest grave belongs to the Monorail, which was built in 1959.

- The ride with the longest lifespan was the Space Spiral. It was open from 1965-2012.

- The ride with the shortest lifespan was VertiGo. It was demolished after only one season.

- French Frolics, one of the attractions in the graveyard, was an illusion walk-through attraction that only lasted a few seasons. Its grave is undated. Cedar Point officials say there's very little information on record about it.

Cedar Point's HalloWeekends, which features 10 haunted attractions, a variety of live shows and kid-friendly entertainment, is now open every Friday-Sunday until Oct. 28.

Photos: New Cedar Point HalloWeekends attractions

Do you have any fond memories of these three rides? If so, leave us a comment in the section below and tell us your story.


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