'Windseeker' strands Cedar Point guests in midair

5:44 PM, Jun 2, 2012   |    comments
Photo courtesy: Cedar Point
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SANDUSKY -- Riders were stranded 150 feet in the air Saturday morning after Cedar Points' 'Windseeker' malfunctioned.

About halfway up the tower, riders were stuck in the air for a little over an hour. Riders' harnesses remained locked the entire time.

None of the 29 riders were injured.

After unsuccessful attempts to get the ride running again, Cedar Point maintenance workers had to lower the ride manually.

Marketing Programs Manager, Bryan Edwards says 'Windseeker' will remain closed until maintenance crews thoroughly inspect the ride and are "completely confident" the ride is safe.

While not mentioning any specifics, Edwards says the riders were compensated for their time after exiting the ride.


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