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Canton: Boy 'heroes' save couple from fire

6:55 PM, May 31, 2012   |    comments
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CANTON -- They were on their way to school, when a house started to burn, so two Canton teens took action and helped get a couple to safety.

Tonight we see why many are calling the two "heroes."

When you're 13, seeing your name in the paper is pretty cool. David Beckley Jr. and Tyler Creswell earned it.

They were waiting for their school bus at 16th and Clarendon in Canton with Tyler's sister. That's when she said "Tyler look! There's a fire!"

David called 911 both boys ran around the back of the house.

The front porch was burning and a neighbor, Raymond Stewart, jumped into action.

Stewart went up on the front porch, with half of it on fire, and went through the front door.

The boys started kicking in the back door. It gave way and the couple in the house got out the back door and the boys took them around to the front of the house.

The woman tried to run back into the house for her wallet, but Tyler stopped her.

"I didn't want her to die. She can get more money but you only have one life,," Tyler said.

Two lives were saved by two fast-thinking boys and an alert neighbor.

Their humility speaks volumes.

"I might be considered a small's not like we actually went in, carried them over our shoulders and brought em out," David said.

Tyler added, "I would rather not have all the attention, but if that's what my Mom makes me do, then, I have to do it."

The boys will be honored at an upcoming Board of Education meeting June 11.

The Canton Fire Department is also considering honoring the boys and Stewart for their heroism and fast thinking.


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