Stow Police warn about suspicious man in car

2:51 PM, Apr 12, 2012   |    comments
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STOW -- The Stow Police Department has received two separate reports of instances in which a middle-aged man has had suspicious interaction with young children in Stow.

Police say that it has not been confirmed that it is the same man in both incidents.

The first incident occurred March 17 about 7 p.m. and was reported at 8 p.m.

The second occurred April 9 at 1:30 p.m. and was reported April 10.

On March 17, a man driving a vehicle in the area of Bryn Athen Drive stopped and asked an eight-year-old girl and her friends if they had seen his lost puppy. One of the girls asked for his phone number in case they found it and he responded it was on the tag and drove away.

The man did not get out of his car nor make any attempt to lure any of the girls to go with him. He was described as a middle-aged  man, with a goatee and straight, black, thick hair.

He was also wearing gloves and it was noted this was a warmer day in March. The car is similar to a Honda Civic, blue, with a "fin" on the back.

On April 9, a woman was at the SKIP playground with several children when she noticed an older, man was playing basketball with the children.

She then saw him walking away from the courts with one of the children, a boy, 10. She called out to the boy and he turned and came back.

The woman described the man as tall, heavy-set, 50-60 years old, with a thick white mustache, balding with some gray hair. She said he was wearing a royal blue sweatsuit.

If anyone has information relevant to either of these two incidents, please contact the Stow Police Department on the Detective Bureau Administrative line, 330-689-5730.

Police are asking that if anyone has a similar incident occur, to contact the Stow Police Department at 330-689-5700 as soon as possible.

Police say they are releasing this information not to alarm residents but to serve as a reminder to parents and those who have children in their care to talk with children about their personal safety and review with them what to do when approached or when they see something suspicious.  


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