Akron: Corbin Bernsen starts filming '3 Day Test'

7:29 AM, Mar 20, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON -- Look there! In the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a plummeting porta-potty!

With onlookers staring into the sunshine, a portable toilet slammed to the asphalt at Corbin Bernsen's command.

That's right, Bernsen is back in town creating Hollywood magic with "3 Day Test," a holiday comedy. It's a movie about a man who forces his family to go through a survivalist test for three days without any luxuries like phones, running water, electricity and computers.

Photos: Corbin Bernsen films '3 Day Test' in Akron

The first sequence, which took several hours to film along Grant Street, centralized on a porta-potty falling from a crane onto a car at a construction site. If you watch the video above, you can see the progression of how this scene was filmed from start to finish. While the movie will make it appear that the porta-potty smashed onto the hood of a nice car, it actually never happened. It was all filmed in different stages without either object coming in contact with the other.

It started with the actor inside the vehicle reacting to the incident as production assistants shoved the hood of the car down to recreate the porta-potty smash. Then more shots were filmed with some of the extras before the vehicle was moved out of the way and the toilet was sent falling to the ground. In editing, it will look as if the porta-potty actually slammed onto the hood of the car.

The movie, which will film in Akron through early April, has a budget of $500,000. Producers anticipate the production will inject at least $200,000 into the city.

"3 Day Test" is the second film Bernsen has lensed in Akron. His first was "25 Hill," a movie about a young boy who strives to save the All-American Soap Box Derby.

So, why Akron? Bernsen said he has a "love affair" with the city.

"It's a city that's diverse in its looks for shooting."

On top of the tax incentives Ohio offers, Bernsen said the assistance and reception he's received from Akron has been great.

"I get incredible help here from the mayor's office up and on down. ... A lot of Akron talent. Some of the kids that are in it are from Akron."

No release date has been set at this point. It's unclear if the film will go straight to DVD or be released in some theatrical capacity.

Once this movie wraps up, don't count Bernsen out of Akron. He may return to make a third movie.

 "I have an idea for a movie that can be shot in the Fall," he said. "I have a pretty funny romantic comedy, but it's still in the sketching stage. I'm sure I'll come back."

Bernsen, who may best be known for his role as Roger Dorn in the "Major League" movies, can currently be seen on USA's "Psych."


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