Prostitution crack down continues in Akron

9:10 PM, Jul 22, 2004   |    comments
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The task force started meeting in March and pools the resources of city, county and community groups to fight the problem. Five months in, they're already seeing results. One of their main goals is to turn up the heat on the “Johns,” or those soliciting the prostitutes. Akron Police started a web site “John Be Gone” that posts the photos, names and addresses of those convicted. They also started impounding their cars and increased their bond. Now instead of $80 cash they'll need $500 cash which most don't have on them. "You have to call somebody to get you out of jail you know so if you're coming to Akron, if you're going to be soliciting in Akron, then you better have some money in your pocket," said Chairperson Jim Shealey. “Again, each of these steps makes it impossible for the ‘John’ to keep their arrest quiet and that's what the task force wants.


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