Education Nation: Growing disparity between schools

5:59 PM, Sep 27, 2011   |    comments
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NEW YORK CITY -- Some districts have the latest technology, newest textbooks or e-books while some struggle just for the basics. Is that fair?

With Education Nation as the backdrop, national and local leaders looked at the inequality among public schools at NBC's summit on schools.

President Obama has said that education is a civil rights issue, with many districts struggling to provide adequate resources to students, while others have the latest of everything.

Education Reporter Kim Wheeler looked at this issue in Cuyahoga County and visited Bay Village Schools and Garfield Heights Schools. They are only 22 miles apart but worlds apart in resources. 

Bay Village spends $11,164 per student, while Garfield Heights is lowest in the county at $9,394.

This is the key issue in more than a decade of challenges to Ohio's school funding system which relies heavily on property taxes.


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