Dramatic Avengers set at Public Square attracts crowd

10:12 AM, Aug 23, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Cranes, lights and luxury cars lured many down to Public Square for the latest Avengers production.

Before police and security began to push the crowds further from the Terminal Tower, onlookers got an up-close look at some of the set design for the latest scenes out of the Avengers movie.

A red carpet, multiple Mercedes sedans and banners purporting an event at a German art museum were all part of the props.

A Marvel production member says, Public Square will be the setting for an explosive scene, shot over the next three nights.

The scene includes cars rolling and exploding. Hundreds of extras, running and screaming out the doors of Terminal Tower.

The space across the street is also transformed into a Biergarten in the German town of Stuttgart.

No official word on which members of the cast will be a part of the scene, but we're told, at least one of the Avengers is present for a portion of every film set in Cleveland.

Meanwhile, filming continues this week on East 9th Street in downtown Cleveland.  Pyrotechnic scenes will also be staged Tuesday in Parma.


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