Sowell juror taken to hospital in ambulance

2:27 PM, Jul 20, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- One of the jurors hearing the case of accused serial killer Anthony Sowell became ill early Wednesday afternoon. She was taken from the courtroom of Judge Dick Ambrose on a stretcher by paramedics.

She was awake, sitting upright on the stretcher, and appeared to be alert.

"As she was walking out, she became faint," Ambrose told the court, as the Wednesday afternoon session began with closing arguments by Sowell's attorneys.

"Juror number 10 had a medical issue and spent much of the afternoon on a couch in my office with deputies who are paramedics," Ambrose announced.

When the jury was seated for the Sowell trial, four alternates were included. One of them has now taken the ill juror's place and will be part of the deliberations, which are expected to begin later today.

"She was taken to the hospital," Ambrose said, of Juror number 10, "I don't think it's a life threatening situation or anything of that nature."

"I am excusing Juror number 10 and she will be replaced by Alternate number 1."

The announcement by the judge was made moments before Sowell's attorney John Parker began his closing statements.

The juror who became ill was stricken just after the end of the morning session in which lead prosecutor Rick Bombik delivered a near three hour final argument.



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